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Xbox One March Update Fixes One of Its Dumbest Problems



The next major Xbox One update should arrive by March 11th and it promises to fix one of the Xbox One’s dumbest problems.

Last month, the Xbox One received its first major update since its launch back in November. Microsoft is moving quickly to release yet another major update for Xbox One users and this one aims to fix the console’s friend and party system.

While Microsoft is still coy about the March update’s release date, the company took to its Xbox Wire today to not only announce the arrival of the Xbox One March update but also show off its new features in action.

Xbox One controller

The Xbox One’s March update is aimed at improving the friends and party system that Microsoft revamped alongside the console itself. Microsoft says that the update will allow Xbox One users to access their friends quicker than before and it also will allow for more customization in the friends menu. Many of those new features can be seen in the video below.

The most significant changes are coming to the party system which is considered by many to be one of the most frustrating parts of the Xbox One’s new software experience. Microsoft now allows users to invite users to a party, game or to both at the same time. Users are also able to invite their party to a game from the party menu itself.

Microsoft has also changed the user interface and it now shows who is doing what inside of a party. Friends playing the same game will now appear together while those in the party doing other things will appear in a separate area so that there is never any confusion.

The March update also fixes one of the most frustrating aspects of the Xbox One’s party system. Right now, by default, voice chat is turned off. Xbox One owners have to enabled party chat in order to talk to their friends. After the March update arrives, party chat will be turned on by default, eliminating the tedious task of turning it on every time a new party is created.

It’s still not clear when the update will be arriving though language contained within the company’s new Titanfall bundle announcement seems to hint at an arrival by March 11th.

In many ways, the launch of “Titanfall” will enable us to deliver the first truly next generation multiplayer game – one that will take advantage of the new party and chat improvements we’re delivering, build on the power of the cloud in a way only Microsoft can, and connect fans on Xbox Live, home of the best multiplayer and service in gaming.   With Xbox One, we invested in features like multiplayer alerts so you never miss a match while watching TV and so much more.

Titanfall and its new Xbox One bundle both arrive on March 11th so Xbox One owners can expect the March update to arrive somewhere between now and then.

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