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ZestDesk Review: Portable Standing Desk



The ZestDesk is a portable Standing Desk that you can take wherever you need to go for more productive and ergonomic work.

This portable standing desk folds up and fits into a carrying case with a shoulder strap so that you can take it to a hotel, coworking place and from home to office.

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It’s sturdy once assembled and there is even a riser to get your laptop up to the proper height while working if you have a mouse and keyboard as well. Even with heavy typing, the ZestDesk works well.


The ZestDesk assembles in less than a minute, opening up, locking in place and then adjusting to the right height. If you don’t plan to use the Monitor stand, the installation takes even less time.

You can adjust the ZestDesk to multiple heights using the feet of the desk, which have a non-slip grip on the bottom to keep the desk in place without scratching whatever surface you place on it.

The height is perfect and there is a lot of workspace available once you set it up. At 21.5-inches deep and 22.5-inches wide it will fit on many desks, and it also works well on a table if you find yourself working in a temporary office setup.

The ZestDesk is a great portable standing desk.

The ZestDesk is a great portable standing desk.

The monitor stand adjusts height and can hold up to 11 pounds with a laptop or a monitor up to 20-inches. The stand is fairly stable, but we wish it was more stable. A 13-inch notebook sits on it easily, but a 15-inch notebook is too wide to sit in place with no movement. The stainless steel looks nice, but it would be more useful with more nonslip material on it.

The desk weighs about 12 pounds, which is manageable to carry with the optional $55 bag. The bag includes a shoulder strap and a pocket to hold other items. Without the bag, you can still carry with the built-in handle, but it isn’t as easy to carry for long distances that way. If you plan to take this with you any real distances, the bag is a worthwhile investment.

The mount could be a little wider and use more nonslip material.

The mount could be a little wider and use more nonslip material.

Since this sits on top of your desk, you can use it for part of your day, collapse it and then work sitting down. We often stand for half the day and sit for the other half. You can work your way up to standing longer as you use the ZestDesk more.

If you need a portable standing desk that you move around your house or office, the ZestDesk is a great option. If you don’t plan to take it with you anywhere it’s still a nice option, but the value will depend on how many monitors you plan to use. The real value for us is an ergonomic workstation that we can take on the go.



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