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Zite for Android Launches: Best Personalized News App on Android



If you love reading news on your Android, get ready to kick Pulse and other apps to the curb.

Zite for Android launches today, bringing the best mobile news reading experience from the iPhone and iPad right to your Android smartphone.

Zite is the Pandora of news. Not only do you tell the app what topics interest you and share your Google Reader and Twitter feeds with the app, but it also learns what you like as you use the app.

Zite for Android

Zite for Android delivers personalized news.

When you read a news topic Zite knows that you are then more interested in that topic. You can also use a thumbs up or thumbs down vote to explicitly tell Zite what you like, but even if you just read news it will learn from your habits. With Zite, I find news articles that are relevant, but I never would have found with a traditional reader. Such as Items that intersect across many interests or from little known publications.

I’ve used Zite on my iPad and iPhone since the apps launched, and it remains the best news app I have used. Not only is the app great at finding news articles that interest me, it also presents them in an easy to read layout.

Zite for Android Share

Zite can share to other Android apps like Evernote and Twitter.

If you want to share or save an article, Zite makes that easy as well. Zite handles sharing different on Android, and I’m not sure if I like it as much as iPhone sharing. In Zite for Android, when you press share you will see the same Share options you get when sharing from your Android photo gallery, or at least a similar listing.

I prefer the iPhone solution which saves stories to Evernote with a single tap, instead of opening any other apps, but this method allows you to add your own comments so I am sure some users will appreciate it more.

If you have Zite on the iPad or iPhone, you can log into your account on the Android version and pick right up with your personalized news.

Zite is optimized for phones, but will also work on Android tablets, though you won’t enjoy the same layout as on the iPad.

Zite for Android is a free app, available in Google Play.

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