10 Fallout 4 Release Date Tips

You may have heard, The Fallout 4 release date is set for Tuesday in some places, Monday for others. With the Fallout 4 release date just a few short hours away, we want to offer some tips that will help you get through the big day and beyond.

In June, Bethesda confirmed the Fallout 4 release date for November 10th. This date applies to the Xbox One, PS4 and the PC. Bethesda’s kept its promise and we won’t see a Fallout 4 delay. The game is coming this week whether you like it or not.

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 release date has a ton of moving parts. And over the last few days, we’ve tried to fill you in on as many of them as possible. Everything from the Fallout 4 release time to the Fallout 4 pre-load to the Fallout 4 Season Pass to the Fallout 4 mods that will arrive in 2016. Everything.


Today, with just a few hours to go before Bethesda and its retailer partners stock their shelves with the latest installment in the Fallout series, we want to offer some release date tips that we think are going to help you get through the Fallout 4 release date.

There’s something in here for everyone. These tips include strategies for Fallout 4 problems (there will be problems, lots of them), the pre-load, the midnight Fallout 4 release, and even some advice for those of you who still aren’t convinced that this is a game for you.

Flip through these and use them to your advantage.

Set Aside Time & Free Up Space

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Set Aside Time & Free Up Space

If you order the digital version of Fallout 4, you can pre-load it on your Xbox One, PS4 or PC ahead of its release date. If you pre-load, you can play right when the clock strikes midnight at 12:01AM Eastern. You won't be able to play before then.

If you ordered the physical version of the game, you'll need to install it with the disc that comes inside. If you ordered the physical version of Fallout 4 for PC, you'll need to use the disc and Steam to activate and install the game. There is no pre-load for the physical version of Fallout 4. 

There's also a day one patch that you'll need to download. This patch will fix some of the initial problems Bethesda's engineers discovered during testing. So what're we getting at?

If you plan to pre-load or if you plan to install right after you get the game in your hands, you'll want to set aside some time on November 9th or November 10th (or whenever you install) to ensure that the download and installation process goes smoothly. 

You might need to delete files, transfer a game to an external hard drive, or maybe even deal with a problem. This on top of the time it will take to download and install the game on your Xbox One, PC or PlayStation 4. 

Aside an hour or so of quiet time so that you can attend to all of this without any distractions.

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