How to Change the iPhone Voicemail Message

While the iPhone is a multipurpose tool, one of the essential functions of the device still is to make and receive calls. Although phone calls are becoming more of a thing of the past (thanks to text messages and other online chat services), many times a phone call can get your message across more efficiently.

If you are bad about answering your phone setting a proper voicemail message is important. The default voicemail greeting varies from carrier to carrier, but it generally only says your number and not who you actually are.

For business calls it is a good idea to have your name, and a short message on the best way to reach you.

The process of setting up the voicemail message is the same for all iPhones on any provider. Follow the setup steps below to set a custom iPhone voicemail message.

Tap the Phone icon on the home screen.


Tap PhoneNext tap on the Voicemail tab in the bottom right of the screen.

Tap Voicemail

Once this screen has appeared all of your old voice mails will display. Tap Greeting in the top right.

Tap Greeting

Once Greeting is selected you will see two options. Default is the voicemail message that comes with any phone, however Custom is a personal greeting that the user has set up. To play back your Default or Custom message select it and tap Play in the bottom left of the screen.

Play Voicemail Greeting

The iPhone will then retrieve the greeting from the carrier.


Retreiving Greeting

When the voicemail message begins playback it should appear with a status bar along the bottom while it plays.

Playback of Greeting

To set the new voicemail message be sure to have Custom selected, and then tap Record.


Record new Voicemail

While recording your voicemail, speak your message clearly. When finished tap Stop.


After your message is done recording you can play it back to be sure you like it. If the message is not good enough you can record it again, but it you are satisfied with it tap Save.

Tap Save

After save has been selected, the voicemail will save the new greeting and apply it.

Saving Greeting

Creating a custom voicemail message is more polite than simply using the default message that comes with the iPhone. Also, it may save you time by having those who call you leave a message and not just hanging up to call back later.