Best Nexus 5 Cases

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  1. Michael

    I purchased a white Spigen case for a Nexus 5. Best money I’ve spent on a case. Fit and finish is probably the the best I’ve seen . All lines and fitting is perfect .The two layer style and thin ergonomics make it a perfect pocket case. Only complaint (smooth edges) but when you have a phone as nice as a Nexus 5 you always hold tight . Definitely recommended

    • STEVEN

      Which Spigen? Are you talking about the White Slim Armor? I just hate covering up my elegant phone with a case but it sounds like the clear options only offer minimal protection. Unless phones are made stronger, I don’t know what all the excitement is about plastic vs metal or exclusive colors when everyone says you should put it in a case. Ive never had a case ; Google told me the N5 is sturdy, but it seems the inter webs think you should put a case on it

  2. Stew McCall

    I bought the spigen case with the clear back. Great case but…

    … Makes using the Wireless charger a hit and miss affair but it makes me wonder how many other cases where the case affects wireless charging.

    Maybe it’s a limitation that could make the more expensive Google case worthwhile. It just takes a couple of cases that reduce the Wireless charging to outweigh the cost of having got the $49.99 Google case to start with.

    • STEVEN

      Google told me the chargers don’t work with cases. However, Ive read where Spigen said its cases do work with the charger so you might want to contact them. Thats one of my hesitations as I don’t want to waste $50 on a charger that will make me take a phone in and out of a case multiple time a day. I have read reviews were people state they had better success with other wireless chargers

  3. Cory Gunther

    Hmm. Yea the Diztronic works for me with wireless charging


    The Spigen cases are a lot cheaper on Amazon. For example, the Spigen clear case is under $10 on Amazon. Im planning on getting the White phone and don’t want to cover that with a black case. Ive never had any case but this phone seems more fragile. Which clear case do you guys recommend? I don’t want something bulky though. Its weird as reviewers will call the same case bulky and not bulky. Is Spigen or Ringke a better company/case? Want maximum protection, least bulk while still showing off the white back since Ive never had a white phone


    Is this list in order of 1-11 in order of recommendations or are these just randomly ordered

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