Best Nexus 5 Cases

Cases are a dime a dozen these days with a flagship device like the Nexus 5, and there are far too many cases and skins to count. Not to mention a few more launch almost every week or two that claim to offer something different, or better protection.

Even though the case options aren’t as big with the Nexus 5 as we expected, there’s still plenty of awesome options readily available from Amazon, Spigen, and even Google themselves on the Play Store. There was a lot of debate over getting the white or black Nexus 5, but in the end many of you will cover it with a case for protection anyways, even if you like the soft-touch rubber matte design on the rear.

Starting at just $349 contract-free Google’s Nexus 5 is an awesome smartphone for the price, and you’ll save some cash over a $500-600 Galaxy S4 or iPhone. This means you’ll have some spare cash to buy an awesome case. Below we’ll run through some of the best ones available, most popular, then what I use daily as well. Everyone has a different need or preference, so we’ll cover a few different approaches when it comes to a case.

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Google’s flagship Nexus 5 smartphone is the first device to run Android 4.4 KitKat, and its first Nexus smartphone to have full 4G LTE, aside from the Galaxy Nexus, which doesn’t really count. Add in a powerful processor and 32GB of storage it has plenty going for it.

There’s a few key areas to take into consideration when choosing a case. One being you’ll want to protect that 5-inch 1080p HD display, and secondly the 8 megapixel camera features optical image stabilization, and as a result it sticks out from the device body a little bit on the rear. Your case will adjust for that, and Google’s official cases do it perfect, then you’ll want the right fit for the ceramic power and volume buttons.

Not all cases are perfect, many make your device clunky and add extra size, and others are just right. Here’s a few worth taking a look at.

LG Nexus 5 Quick Cover

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LG Nexus 5 Quick Cover

It would be silly not to start with the official LG Quick Cover for the Nexus 5. Offering a sleek design that doubles as a screen protector with a flip cover for ultimate protection. It's a pretty expensive case and others offer something similar, but this is made by LG. They cut out the buttons, instead of covering them, and the unibody design works with wireless charging. It comes in both black or white variants

$49.99 on Google Play

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Sadly it doesn’t look like Otterbox has any plans to offer Nexus 5 cases, but there’s still plenty of excellent options listed above. From thin minimalistic cases, to extremely durable options with kickstands and all. Other honorable mentions are the CruzerLite series, not to mention a slew of colorful TPU cases from Tudai. Let us know what your favorite case is for the new Google Nexus 5, and any you’ve had issues with from the list above.

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