How to Reset a Frozen Galaxy S6

Some of the biggest changes to the all-new completely redesigned Samsung Galaxy S6 aside from the aluminum edges and all glass design, are the lack of a removable battery and expandable storage with a micro-SD card slot. If your Samsung Galaxy S6 is frozen or unresponsive and acting funny, you can’t just pull the battery like any other Samsung smartphone you’ve ever owned.

On March 1st Samsung announced the brand new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Two brand new smartphones completely redesigned with the boldest and best look of any Samsung smartphone to date. They both have a lot to offer, stunning 5.1-inch Quad-HD displays, powerful 8-core processors and more, but occasionally you may have a problem or the phone freezes.


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This doesn’t happen often, but in the past if your Samsung Galaxy froze or was acting up you could just pull out the battery and reboot it. A trick that solves most minor problems when friends or family ask me why their phone isn’t doing this or that. Now that you can’t remove the battery on the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, below we’ll explain how to do a hard reset.

Galaxy S6 Settings to Change


When your Samsung Galaxy S6 (if it does) happens to have a few issues and is acting up, loses service, starts to lag, or has some other general small problems, you’ll want to reboot it before resorting to some other more extreme measures. Typically the phone is still responsive and only acting up, so simply long-press the power button and select Power off then turn it back on, or try a quick device reset.


However, if you are experiencing a bigger problem and the phone freezes and is completely unresponsive and not working at all, you can’t just pull out the battery anymore. Thankfully Samsung’s added a new option to quickly do a hard reboot, which should fix any problems and unfreeze your fancy new phone.

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On first boot you’ll receive a few notifications once you have the device all set up, and then a little “Help Advice Tip” pops up that you’ll have to tap OK to remove. This tip tells you how to completely reboot your phone if it’s frozen, and it reads: “If your device is unresponsive, press and hold the Power key and the Volume down key simultaneously for more than 7 seconds to restart it.”


The same way most iPhone owners or those with an Android device where you can’t access the battery, Samsung’s added a new button combination you can do to quickly reboot your device if you’re experiencing problems.



Just as it mentioned above, all you need to do is press and hold the power button on the middle right side of your Galaxy S6 and the volume down key, simultaneously for seven seconds. If your device was frozen it will likely just reboot as you expected, and you’ll be back to using your device in seconds like nothing ever happened. However, it may also reboot to the new maintenance boot mode as shown above.

From here you can reboot your device normally, do a factory data reset (which will erase everything) so be careful, boot into safe mode which will disable 3rd party apps in case one of those was causing the issues, power the phone off, or boot into debug mode for developers.

This is all controlled by the volume up/down keys, and to select an option hit the dedicated home button. Be careful not to do a factory reset, and simply select reboot your phone normally. That’s all there is to it. If your phone is froze just hold down those buttons, and you should be all good in less than a minute.