5 Thoughts on the HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Like many of you HTC ThunderBolt owners out there, I have wondered about whether Verizon will roll out the HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich update after promising that it would. Every single day I go back and forth on whether the aging device will get the update and so, I wanted to share my thoughts about the situation.

All the way back in February, HTC confirmed the HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich update saying that it would roll out the update sometime in the future. Then, the manufacturer confirmed that the update would be coming out sometime in July or August of this year.

It did not specify a day and with July winding down without any news, one would assume that the update is going to arrive in the month of August, if at all.

The HTC ThunderBolt ICS update is frustrating me.

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What I mean by that is that the situation surrounding the HTC ThunderBolt’s Ice Cream Sandwich release is unclear. It all started when the HTC Desire HD, a device that is essentially the HTC ThunderBolt, except not on Verizon, saw its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update cancelled.

That was the first sign of trouble.

Soon after that, we were told by a source that there was only a slim chance that the HTC ThunderBolt update would be rolling out to customers. Specifically, we have heard that there is only a 5% chance that the update will ever arrive.

In addition, we have yet to see any ICS update for the HTC ThunderBolt leak out which is not a death knell but is not a good sign either.

Now you can see what I mean when I say that my mind has been all over the place wondering about whether deserving HTC ThunderBolt customers will ever see the upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich.

So, here are five thoughts that I have wrestled with for the past few days in regards to the update.

I Still Think the HTC ThunderBolt ICS Update Will Roll Out

A source told us that the HTC ThunderBolt ICS update has a 95% chance of not rolling out. Coupled with the fact that the HTC Desire HD (again it’s a similar device) failed in its ICS testing, there is good reason to think that the update is in trouble and that it might not roll out.

However, I am still of the belief that Verizon will ultimately decide to roll the update out.

Not out of pity or kindness but because there are a ton of HTC ThunderBolt owners out there. HTC is the one testing the software and I’d be shocked if Verizon wasn’t pushing it to get the software to run on the ThunderBolt. If I were Verizon, not only would I not want to deal with thousands of angry ThunderBolt owners but I also wouldn’t want to have to clean up HTC’s mess.

Remember, it was HTC, not Verizon, that promised the update.

The HTC ThunderBolt, despite its issues, sold well and I think that gives HTC and Verizon good reason to pursue the update further than a device like the HTC Desire HD.

Though, I’m Still Worried

That doesn’t mean that it’s all unicorns, sundaes and rainbows over here though. Even if HTC and Verizon do manage to get the Ice Cream Sandwich update out to the HTC ThunderBolt, something just tells me that it’s going to have some issues. ICS paired with HTC Sense will need a lot of horsepower, horsepower that the ThunderBolt doesn’t really have.

768MB and a single-core processor were good a year ago, but those are last-generation specifications. I worry that HTC Sense might cause problems here as it can be a hardware hog.

My brain also isn’t helped by the fact that the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX ICS updates brought a ton of issues along with them and those are current-generation smartphones.

Sorry for the pessimism but I think it’s warranted here.

Only A Few Truly Know What’s Going On

For some reason, I get the feeling that no one really knows what’s going with the HTC ThunderBolt ICS update save for a few people. The reason I’ve come to this conclusion is that over the past few days, I’ve heard conflicting information.

We’ve heard that there is a 95% chance that it might not roll out. This is from a source that has been reliable in the past. However, I’ve also heard from a couple of people who say that they’ve talked to HTC and that the company says it has ‘good news’ about the ThunderBolt coming next week. Customer service representatives are not always the most trustworthy sources of information as was clear with the Droid RAZR ICS roll out so I can’t believe that just yet.

That being said, it doesn’t look like an official decision has been made. Remember, they have until the end of August so they could

Tired of Promises

HTC Desire HD owners will be the first to tell you that they are sick and tired of the promises that manufacturers and carriers make in regards to Android updates. I am too.

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Yes HTC. It’s a great idea to confirm the update, then confirm two possible launch months, and then stay completely silent about any sort of progress in regards to the update. If there is even the slightest chance that the update might not roll out, don’t confirm anything, don’t release any launch months.

If Any Deserves Good News, It’s ThunderBolt Owners

The header says it all. The HTC ThunderBolt has seen its fair share of shenanigans over the last year or so starting with its ridiculous release which was followed by those nasty random reboots that took months on end to fix.

It’s my belief that early adopters should be rewarded, remember the HTC ThunderBolt was the first 4G LTE smartphone, ThunderBolt owners have seemingly been let down time and time again.

The least HTC and Verizon can do is grace the device with one major Android update. It would go a long way with owners I’m sure.