Again I Ask, Where Is The Samsung Fascinate Froyo Update?

I don’t own a Samsung Fascinate. I don’t own a Samsung Galaxy S device. I don’t even use an Android phone as my primary handset. Yet, for some reason, the fact that Verizon has yet to put out the Samsung Fascinate Froyo update continues to bother me.

Samsung Fascinate

I get lots of emails from frustrated Fascinate owners. Some of those owners are now former Fascinate owners.They got tired of waiting for something that was promised almost a full year ago. They also got sick of watching other Galaxy S devices get their scoop of Android 2.2. First it was T-Mobile’s Vibrant. Then it was Sprint’s Epic 4G and AT&T’s Captivate. Heck, the Epic 4G’s Froyo update has rolled out twice before Verizon has even attempted to roll it out once.

I think the final straw for a lot of owners came when U.S. Cellular was able to beat Verizon to Froyo with the Samsung Mesmerize Android 2.2 update.Or maybe it was yesterday’s news that Three UK’s Samsung Galaxy S would be getting – no, not Froyo – but Gingerbread. That’s right. A Samsung Galaxy S device will probably be getting Android 2.3 before Verizon’s gets Android 2.2.

As someone who is very passionate about smartphones, this is infuriating and quite frankly, it’s a reason that I will likely never make an Android phone on Verizon, at least a Samsung made one, my primary device.

You know what the saddest part of all this is? It’s the lack of communication. U.S. Cellular was open and honest about their update for the Samsung Mesmerize, why is it so hard for Verizon to communicate with Fascinate owners?

Truthfully, I am beginning to believe the conspiracy theories that say that Verizon is never going to release Froyo for the Samsung Fascinate. Of course when and if they do, it’ll be embarrassing, but at least it will reward those that were loyal.And now, with the AT&T and T-Mobile merger on the horizon, Verizon is certainly going to be counting on loyalty. But I’m not so sure that they’re going to get it. At least not from thousands who bought a Samsung Fascinate.