17 Best iPhone SE Cases

Here are the best iPhone SE cases we could find to protect the new 4-inch iPhone.

The iPhone SE is a small iPhone that is easier to hold than the larger iPhone 6s or iPhone 6, but many users will want to put it into a case to add functionality or protect it from drops and damage.

iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s cases will work as an iPhone SE case from most companies. That means there are a lot of choices out there and we’ve already gone hands on with some of the best iPhone SE cases — just with an older iPhone inside of the protective case.

We’ll walk through a selection of the best iPhone SE cases that you can buy now. These are the our favorites from the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and some updated models for the iPhone SE.

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The absolute best iPhone SE case protects the iPhone, prevents damage when you drop it and does not add a lot of bulk. As a bonus, we share some very affordable options that will help you protect the $399 iPhone SE without breaking your bank.

You'll need a great iPhone SE case to protect your new iPhone.

You’ll need a great iPhone SE case to protect your new iPhone.

You can buy some of these iPhone SE cases from Apple, and there are also many options at Best Buy, Amazon and direct from carrier stores.

Keep in mind that if you get an employee discount on your cell phone service you may also get a discount on your iPhone SE case from your carrier. This can cut the price of an amazing iPhone SE case by 25%.

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Use this list of the best iPhone SE cases we’ve found so far to help you pick the perfect case for your new iPhone. We’ll show you how to add protection from drops, turn your iPhone SE into a wallet, what iPhone SE battery case you need to check out, an amazing luxurious iPhone SE case and much more.

Speck iPhone SE Clear Case

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Speck iPhone SE Clear Case

The Speck iPhone SE clear case is an excellent option if you want to protect your iPhone SE, and still show off the color you chose. We are impressed with the clarity of the Speck clear iPhone cases and the company offers a 30-day guarantee.

While this case adds a good amount of protection and a raised lip to help protect the screen it does not add much thickness to the iPhone and you can see the iPhone SE design through it.

There are button covers for easy access to volume and power. Openings for the Lightning connection and headphone jack are wide enough for the standard cables and for many third-party options.  

$34.95 at Speck

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