Best Android Twitter Apps (2016)

When it comes to using Twitter on Android users have a lot of different choices. There are dozens of apps, not to mention the actual Twitter app itself, and here we’ll be going over some of the best options available. Many are filled with extra features, themes, color options and more. If you use Twitter daily, you’ll want to read on below.


The stock Twitter app is really nice, but has changed so much in the past few years, and again for Android 5.0 Lollipop and Material Design, that it’s hard to recommend. Heading to the Google Play Store users will find dozens of Twitter apps for Android full of themes, different colors, design and user interface changes and more.

We’re going to cut out the noise and suggest a few of those dozens that are fast, simple, powerful and just works. Without some of the hassles. Here are our favorite Twitter apps of 2016. Some have been on this list for years.

Twitters-620x409Times have changed for Twitter, not to mention all the accompanying Twitter clients for Android. Without going into too much detail Twitter imposes a 100,000 user “token” limit on Android apps, meaning once more than 100,000 users sign-in with the app, no more can use it. It’s extremely depressing, and is a large part of why there’s so many options available.

Many excellent excellent Twitter apps won’t make our list, simply because they’ve exceeded that “token limit” and now require users to jump through hoops to even install and use the app. Falcon Pro is hands down one of the best Twitter apps available, and what I still use today, but being able to use it is a hassle, and users nearly have to make a developer account to try it. As a result, it’s no longer on the Google Play Store.

CarbonThe same goes for Carbon. It’s extremely powerful, fancy, and sometimes the UI is too overbearing, but it’s also reached the limit and thus, new users can no longer enjoy it. With that said, here’s a few other excellent options.



Robird is one of those hidden gems not too many users know about. It’s extremely minimal, powerful, and customizable, yet works great at all times. They’ve recently updated the UI to match Android Material Design, and it looks great right down to floating compose buttons and more. It’s one of the most polished, clean, and fast Twitter apps available in 2016.


Robird has push notifications, streaming timeline over WiFi or mobile data, TweetMarker sync, auto refresh, save drafts, inline image previews (and disable options), a card-style UI, and tons of notification options. Add in the themes, add-ons, and everything else, and this is certainly worth considering.

Sadly the developer somewhat quit development and now has a completely new version called Robird Reborn, which is another excellent option, but paid, and then has in app purchases. Stick to the older Robird.



Talon for Twitter

Talon is feature-packed, well designed, and originally the first Twitter app that matched Google’s Material Design guidelines, and overall just an excellent choice. It has settled in as one of the best and it has been that way for over a year. Talon has just about everything one would need from a Twitter app, and the design is top notch. It’s how an app should be made. Full of options, customization, themes, settings, choices galore and more. You can’t go wrong with this one.

TalonIt is loaded with options and has the stock Android look and feel. Like a stock Google app, but better. The developers did an excellent job, and updates it frequently. Users can expect tons of live streaming options, multi-user accounts, favorite and mute lists, expandable and actionable notifications, built-in picture and video players, YouTube and Emoji support, Instagram previews inline, Android Wear and more. The theme engine and array of settings and options makes this one of the best Twitter apps hands down, and will probably be out of tokens extremely soon.

You just need to head to Google Play and see all the options and features this app is packed with, don’t take our word for it. The price has gone up by $2, and it’s now $3.99.

Download $3.99



Hootsuite needs to make the list simply because it has been around forever, and with good reason. It’s a mobile client and web suite that enables managing Twitter, Facebook, and multiple accounts better than almost anything around. It isn’t feature packed, but is all about managing, viewing, and scheduling posts and tweets across multiple platforms. Sadly it doesn’t support Google+, but it’s still awesome.

hootsuiteYou can manage multiple accounts, tweet to more than one at a time, and more than one platform all by the tap of a button. It’s extremely powerful, but to get the most of it you’ll need to buy the $9.99 version instead of just the free app for Android. If you need to manage social media, get Hootsuite.

Download Free (paid version also available)


There’s so many it’s hard to just choose a few, but Tweedle is another good one even if it hasn’t been updated in forever. Tweedle is very fast, efficient, and another minimalistic app that still has tons of options, features and customization. Being able to rapidly change the look and feel, yet still be fast and fully working, makes it great.


TweedleDesigned with simplicity and functionality in mind this app will deliver your timeline, mentions, and direct messages in a simple and beautiful manor. Not to mention has loads of customization options. It also follows Google’s broader Android user interface guidelines quite closely, so it looks great but isn’t up to date with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. If you want a clean timeline free of clutter, this app is a must try. It’s free but ad-supported, although they don’t get in the way.

Download Free (ad-supported)

Other Options

We could go on and on regarding Twitter apps for Android, what we like/dislike, or talk about why the 100,000 token limit is a terrible policy Twitter has in place, but that won’t get us anywhere. While the few mentioned above are some of our personal favorites, most used apps, feature-rich, or just extremely simplistic, there’s still a wide array of other excellent options. We haven’t seen too many be released over the past year or so, but there are choices.

A few honorable mentions are Falcon Pro, Falcon Pro 3 and Carbon, even if they’ve reached the token limit and can’t accept new users. Plume has been around forever, and that’s because it’s an excellent option. My original favorite that Twitter bought and killed is TweetDeck. Oh how I wish Twitter would stop being mean, update it, and put it back on the Play Store. Echofon and Ubersocial are both quite nice, and we can’t forget TweetCaster for tablets.

While these last few are decent options, they didn’t make the list for one reason or another, but are still awesome alternatives. Be sure to check out the top few we’ve detailed, and don’t forget to follow @GottaBeMobile for all things mobile.