Galaxy Note Jelly Bean Update Leaks as Release Gets Closer

The Samsung Galaxy Note Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update has leaked out today, a sign that Samsung has likely gotten closer to producing and official version of the update for the millions of owners of the original Galaxy Note phablet.

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SamMobile unearthed the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the international version of the Galaxy Note, model number N7000. The update is a piece of test firmware from Samsung, and while fairly stable, is not something that we recommend installing ahead of the official roll out of the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Note. Those who have a firm background in installing official but unofficial software may want to think about taking the plunge but keep in mind, it’s test software and very likely won’t be the real deal.


While it’s not for the AT&T Galaxy Note, the Jelly Bean update that leaked today is a sign that Samsung is making progress.

The update is fully featured and offers some of the features that Galaxy Note owners have been waiting for including all of the features of Android 4.1 as well as the Multi Window View feature that Galaxy Note 2 owners have grown accustomed to. Other features include smart rotation, a stock Swype-like keyboard, additions to the Notifciation panel and a whole lot more.

Samsung has yet to confirm this feature or any of the other for the Galaxy Note but it’s clear from the leaks that Galaxy Note owners will get a hefty helping of features when Jelly Bean does in fact arrive.

While not the official update, it’s a sign that something good is on the horizon. We previously heard that the Galaxy Note’s Jelly Bean update was slated for some time in the fourth quarter of this year and while the window is running out, there is still some time left and it’s possible that Samsung will deliver a very nice gift this holiday season to Galaxy Note owners.

However, it’s looking highly unlikely that AT&T Galaxy Note owners will see the update arrive in 2012 as Samsung typically releases these update first to unlocked international devices then to carrier-branded devices. American carriers are typically far behind so even if the update is released this month, the AT&T Galaxy Note shouldn’t see it until next year.

Fortunately, when the update does arrive, it will make the AT&T Galaxy Note and all other versions of the Galaxy Note, much better devices over all.