January Star Wars Battlefront Update: 4 Things to Expect & 3 Not To

January Star Wars Battlefront update is confirmed but its release is lacking firm details. With that in mind, we want to make some predictions to help you set your own expectations as we make our way toward the game’s first major free DLC update.

As we push away from 2015 and the Star Wars Battlefront release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, we continue to see new and exciting details emerge for prospective buyers and those already playing EA and DICE’s new entry into the Battlefront series.

Star Wars Battlefront deals have slashed the price down from its $60 perch. EA and DICE have promised new Battlefront DLC details sometime in the near future. And we’ve seen a brand new January update confirmed for Battlefront users.


The announcement was made on January 12th inside of a blog post that was related to the community event that started late last year and ended earlier this month.

Yes, a January Star Wars Battlefront update is confirmed but EA and DICE failed to give us some of the most important details including release date, change log and more.

While we wait for more information, this is what we expect and don’t expect from the January Star Wars Battlefront patch.

Our goal here is to help you set expectations and figure out what to expect from the next update. These are mostly predictions and they are not based on insider information or leaks from EA or DICE.

Expect Bug Fixes

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Expect Bug Fixes

EA's announcement was extremely vague and we know very little (right now) about this January Star Wars Battlefront update. 

Even though the change log is still missing in action, we suspect that this update will come with bug fixes for lingering Star Wars Battlefront problems. 

It's no secret problems continue to plague all three versions of this game. EA and DICE have acknowledged as much in a running list of problems they're looking at behind the scenes. The last update rolled out before the holidays and the game is in dire need of new bug fixes to help stabilize it. 

We expect the January Star Wars Battlefront update to come with fixes for some of the problems listed on EA's running list.

We hope the update includes a fix for matchmaking problems, the issue with the Playing the Objective Trophy, and the second Star Card hand not saving problem. At the very least. The first and third are critical issues that need to be addressed.

A DICE developer has told gamers on Twitter that "making sure everyone can find games quickly is our highest priority" and that "finding games must go faster." We'd expect some improvements in this area. 

We'd also expect some of the fixes to be vague. DICE is well known for this and the first series of Battlfront updates included things like "general bug fixes for vehicles and physics improvements" and "general crash and stability fixes."

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