PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator: What You Need to Know

In late September the world’s biggest YouTube star with over 48 million subscribers launched his new game, Tuber Simulator. Instantly jumping to the top of the download charts on iTunes and the Google Play Store. Now that it’s available for millions of fans, here’s what you need to know.

It’s pretty simple really. PewDiePie has been the number one person on YouTube for years, and this game gives regular people the chance to beat him. Essentially a simulation game to create your own YouTube channel, make videos, decorate your Tube room and more.

Tuber Simulator is made by the creators of the wildly popular Goat Simulator, which is a perfect match. It’s also made by PewDiePie himself and Revelmode game studios. Here’s what you need to know about the game, problems with the servers overloaded and more.

At the moment Tuber simulator is having a few problems. We’re seeing reports that users can’t create an account. Making a YouTube channels fails and hangs, not to mention other problems. This is likely due to the 48 million subscribers the YouTuber told to go download and play his game.

Server problems aside the game has already jumped to #2 on iTunes as the top game, and is extremely popular already. Fans are saying it’s extremely addictive, fun, and love the real life voice-overs by PewDiePie himself. The creators have already taken to Twitter and confirmed the server issues will be resolved shortly.

The developers at Outerminds are still busy trying to fix little bugs and problems. We’re seeing a lot of complaints about not being able to visit or vote for your favorite room, glitches and more. The most recent update should have it all fixed, and inventory will return after updating.

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Download Tuber Simulator

Those who want to create their own YouTube channel, make videos, and gain fame can do it all right here. Of course it isn’t real, and just a fun simulation. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator is free to download on both Android and iPhone, but has in-app purchases. Lots of them.

Download for iPhone

Download for Android

After installation users will be able to create a fake YouTube account and get started. Slowly making videos and earning subscribers until they top the king himself. You have a long ways to go though, as he has 48 million subscribers.

Features & Gameplay

As we said above, the game is all about creating your own virtual YouTube channel and making fun videos. It starts out pretty slow, but has lots of fun moments with PewDiePie’s voice himself instructing you through the tutorial.

Once the server issues are fixed users can create an account, make a YouTube channel and start making their very own videos. Gain views, get subscribers and keep making more videos. Once you get popular, the ad revenue will start rolling in.


Once YouTuber’s start making money they can buy better equipment, room decorations, clothing, pets, furniture and more. Not to mention buying all of that with in-app purchases. There are a lot of in-app purchases, so use caution. We’d recommend parents use a password on the App Store.

The overall gameplay and style is similar to the learn-to-be-famous title Kim Kardashian:Hollywood. With a lot of in-app purchases and more. Of course there’s a big difference, not to mention the fun and playful 8-bit style graphics of Tuber.

Gamers can expect quests and challenges, not to mention voting for your favorite room or channel.

Puggle Mini-Game

For the millions of fans that watch his videos day in and day out, his Puggle dog is a regular sighting. We’ve been told there are small mini-games inside of the regular title. More specifically a “Puggle Mini-Game” that can be found, unlocked and enjoyed.

Server Problems

Fans all over YouTube and on Twitter have voiced complaints with the game, but now a week later things are starting to calm down. The servers were getting hammered by millions of users, and a new update is your best bet. Make sure you’re on v1.0.4 for the best experience.

As we mentioned above, there also seems to be a problem with creating a YouTube account or voting on favorite room, which is still a work in progress. More updates will arrive shortly with additional bug fixes and more features. There appears to be a lot of trouble with finding or adding friends too, and here’s some tips to do that. The game limits friends to 10, and the “feature locked” issue has been fixed in recent updates. Try it again.

Oh, and don’t try cheats or hacks like changing your iPhone clock, it won’t work.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t his first game. Last year the popular title PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist has short success at the top of the download charts. As the game continues to improve and get better we’ll update with more details, tips, and more to get the most out of Tuber Simulator.