2 Reasons to Buy the 2017 Mac Pro and 3 Reasons to Wait for the 2018 Mac Pro

eThe 2017 Mac Pro is finally here, offering the first real update in three years. While this is normally a reason to buy the new Mac Pro, there are also major reasons to wait for the 2018 Mac Pro that Apple confirmed as well.

Professional users looking for the best Mac to power creative applications like Final Cut, Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator and other demanding applications are ready for a new Apple desktop, but it’s still not the best time to buy.

Apple announced the 2017 Mac Pro with two new models, well at least one new model and a price change.

Reasons to buy the 2017 Mac Pro and the reasons to wait for the 2018 Mac Pro.

Reasons to buy the 2017 Mac Pro and the reasons to wait for the 2018 Mac Pro.

The 2017 Mac Pro is now available at $2,999 with a 6-core processor and dual AMD FirePro D500 GPU with 3GB GHDDR5 VRAM. The $3,999 Mac Pro comes with an 8-core processor and dual AMD FirePro D700 GPU with 6GB GHDDR5 VRAM.

There are no hardware changes and there are no additional spec bumps. Apple did not add USB C or Thunderbolt 3 to the mix, it’s only a small spec update.

Apple also confirmed an all new Mac Pro and professional displays in the pipeline. Phil Schiller, Apple marketing chief, told Daring Fireball,

“With regards to the Mac Pro, we are in the process of what we call “completely rethinking the Mac Pro.” We’re working on it. We have a team working hard on it right now, and we want to architect it so that we can keep it fresh with regular improvements, and we’re committed to making it our highest-end, high-throughput desktop system, designed for our demanding pro customers. “

Apple did not commit to a 2018 Mac Pro, but there is a good amount of hope that this new Mac Pro Apple is talking about will come in 2018, and is not a product that is years away.

This includes a new design that can handle the demands of professional users as well as make a base for easier upgrades to components, so you won’t need to buy a new Mac Pro to get a faster computer.

There are several reasons to buy a 2017 Mac Pro right now;

  1. You Need a Professional Mac
  2. You Don’t Need More Options

There are substantially more reasons to wait for the 2018 Mac Pro, or even a reason to buy an older model. Here are the reasons to wait for the 2018 Mac Pro;

  1. You Want a Modular Design & Upgradeable Mac Pro
  2. USB C and Thunderbolt 3
  3. You Just Bought a 2016 MacBook Pro

Here’s a look at the reasons to buy the 2017 Mac Pro today and the reasons to wait for the 2018 Mac Pro with a new modular design.