Samsung Mesmerize Android 2.2 Update Now Available

Today is not a good day to be a Samsung Fascinate owner over on Verizon, but a good day to be a Samsung Mesmerize owner on U.S. Cellular.

Samsung Mesmerize

A couple of days ago, Sprint rolled out the Android 2.2 Froyo update to its Galaxy S device, the Samsung Epic 4G. Only this wasn’t the first time the carrier had given Froyo to owners of the Epic. It was the second roll out.

That means that by the time Sprint was able to roll out its Galaxy S Froyo update, suspend it, fix the issues, and roll it out again, Verizon hadn’t even attempted to supply owners of its Galaxy S device, the Samsung Fascinate, with the new Froyo update.

Today another Samsung Galaxy S device, the Samsung Mesmerize for U.S. Cellular, has beaten Verizon to the punch. U.S. Cellular, in a statement on their Facebook page has announced that the upgrade is available and it’s available for download this very moment.

For those with a Samsung Mesmerize, head on over to U.S. Cellular’s Android update page for details on how to upgrade the phone to Android 2.2 this very moment.