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Unique Uniques

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Unique Uniques

There are a ton of unique weapons in the world of Skyrim but many of them lack a unique appearance. This mod changes that. 

Unique Uniques gives many unique weapons a unique appearance. The developer notes that these designs are are based on established lore for the weapon or the character that drops it. It's a nice touch. 

Here's the list of unique items that gain a unique look with this mod installed:

- Aegisbane
- Angi's Bow
- Bloodthorn
- Bolar's Oathblade
- Dragonbane
- Kahvozein's Fang
- Pale Blade
- Red Eagle's Bane/Fury
- The Longhammer
- Valdr's Lucky Dagger
- Windshear
- Shield of Solitude

The video below will help you get familiar with the changes this mod brings along with it. Currently, it's only available for the Xbox One. 

79 / 151