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10 Best Galaxy S10 5G Cases



10 / 10

Goosbery Sliding Card Case

Goosbery Sliding Card Case

Last but not least we wanted to recommend one more durable case that will double as a wallet, as they're very convenient. Plus, the way this one is a wallet makes it super strong. 

The Goosbery sliding wallet card case isn't your typical wallet case. Instead, they're using a soft and flexible TPU material on the inside like almost every other case on our list. Then, the dual-layer strong polycarbonate frame on the outside of the entire case is actually the wallet. They're using that second layer to make the case stronger and a wallet at the same time. Most dual-layer cases have a polycarbonate plastic snap on the back anyways, so might as well make it useful. 

Instead, the reinforced polycarbonate shell slides up and down over the soft inner lining. When you slide it down there's a slot inside for a few credit cards and some cash. Perfect for a night out. Plus, no one will ever know it's a wallet case. Get it today in several different color options. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $12

10 / 10
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