10 Best Galaxy S10 5G Cases
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10 Best Galaxy S10 5G Cases



EasyACC Slim TPU Case

EasyACC Slim TPU Case

Some people hate the idea of a big bulky case covering their phone, yet they still want at least a little bit of protection. That's where this Slim TPU from EasyACC comes in. 

This case is your typical TPU shell, which means it's affordable, durable, and made from a flexible rubber-plastic compound. TPU cases are some of my favorites simply because they're so cheap yet effective. The material absorbs impacts from drops or accidents, they fit great, typically they're thin enough that it doesn't feel like you have a huge case on your phone. Which, is important considering the Galaxy S10 5G is already big, thick, and heavy. 

So while there are better cases available this one will surely get the job done and it's under $10. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $9.69

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