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10 Best Galaxy S10 5G Cases



Poetic Revolution Rugged 360 Case

Poetic Revolution Rugged 360 Case

This next case takes the "rugged" idea and turns it up a notch. If you work outdoors, constantly drop your phone, or just need total protection this one is for you. 

The Poetic Revolution series offers 360-degrees protection. That's the front, back, flaps covering the ports and there's a built-in screen protector. It does it all, not to mention has a built-in kickstand. 

You'll notice there's a very industrial design with fake screws and all, but some people love it. In reality, the case is a dual-layer TPU and polycarbonate shell that's just super strong and snaps together front-to-back. And surprisingly, wireless charging still works through it, too. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $17

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