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10 Best Winter Apps to Survive and Thrive



These are the winter apps you need to survive the cold and snow in 2014 and early 2015. We’ll outline the best weather apps to keep you informed about extreme weather, but also our favorite apps that get extra use when the snow starts to fall, the evening light disappears at 6 PM and it’s just too cold to go outside.

For those of us in the Midwest and the East coast, Winter is not just a season, it’s a bit of an experience every year. After a bitterly cold and snowy 2013 and start to 2014 — we’re already downloading these apps to make sure that we are prepared for any major Winter storms in 2014 and looking forward to what the rest of Winter 2015 will bring.

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You can use these iPhone, Android and Windows Phone apps to stay warm, stay informed and stay entertained while you are surviving winter. We’ll even show you how to plan an escape on the cheap, if winter is too much for you to bear.

10 Best Apps to Survive Winter

Here are the apps you need to survive and thrive in Winter.

Here are the apps you need to survive and thrive in Winter.

Here are 10 apps you’ll want to download right away to survive winter. One of the recommendations requires you install a new thermostat, but after living with one for two years, it is totally worth it.

Dark Sky, Blue Skies & Arcus Weather

Do you want to know how much snow to expect for your specific neighborhood, when the snow will start and when it will stop? Thee three apps will do that for you with surprising accuracy.

Dark Sky and these alternatives are great options for staying on top of winter weather.

Dark Sky and these alternatives are great options for staying on top of winter weather.

You can even get notifications before the snow, sleet and freezing rain start. These are life savers, as it often helps us leave for work or head home a little early so that we aren’t driving during the worst of the weather. The estimated end time for bad weather also means you can figure out if you need to wait 15 minutes to leave or if this is a storm you’re going to have to deal with one way or another

Download Dark Sky for iPhone & iPad,  Arcus Weather for Android or Blue Skies for Windows Phone

Local Weather Channel App

We love Dark Sky, but there is also a place for a local TV station’s weather app. These local weather experts can deliver forecasts that help us plan our weeks and often deliver a better overall picture of what we can expect. Most of these apps will also include information on weather alerts from the National Weather Service and local road warnings in the form of Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 so you know if it is safe to travel.

This is also a great place to get school cancellation alerts, depending on the apps.


Stay warm and awake with Starbucks.

Stay warm and awake with Starbucks.

When you are out and about, you’ll need coffee and cocoa to stay warm. The Starbucks app will help you find a local store to warm up at and you can even use the app to pay for the coffee so you don’t need to pull dig into your purse or wallet. You’ll also get free personalized offers and more. Perfect for keeping you caffeinated and warm.

Download Starbucks for iPhone & Android or MyBucks for Windows Phone

GrubHub & Seamless

Sometimes winter is too much and you don’t want to go outside, even to get food. With GrubHub and Seamless you can order take out from local restaurants and get it delivered to your door. If you live in an area serviced by these apps you’ll enjoy quick online ordering from local restaurants, which means you can order delivery for more than just pizza for the next several months.

Download Seamless for iPhone & Android and GrubHub for iPhone & Android

Netflix & Amazon Instant Video

When you do get snowed in, even with just a few inches, you’ll need to turn to Netflix or Amazon Instant Video to binge watch old TV shows and movies you didn’t want to pay theater prices for. With new movies being added every month and a huge backlog of old TV shows there is no shortage of content. You can even watch a lot of older HBO shows on Amazon Instant Video. Free Amazon Instant is included with Amazon Prime and Netflix is $8 a month.

Download Netflix on iPhone & iPad, Android and Netflix on Windows Phone

Download Amazon Instant Video on iPhone & iPad or Android

Nest & Nest Thermostat

Nest Review - Learning Thermostat3

The Nest offers controls and info at a glance on the thermostat.

If you are up for it, you can buy a Nest Thermostat for $250 and install it in your home so that you can control your heating and cooling from anywhere. This is a smart thermostat that will automatically turn the heat on so the house is the right temperature when you have to get out of bed and will also lower the temp when no one is home. You can also change the temp from your iPhone or Android, so you don’t need to get out of bed if it does get too hot or too cold. This is the closest you’ll come to controlling the weather. Buy Nest on Amazon.

Download Nest for iPhone or Android or WPNest or Windows Phone

Winter Survival Kit

Use this app to survive getting stuck in your car in bad winter weather.

Use this app to survive getting stuck in your car in bad winter weather.

If you get stuck while driving in the winter weather, you’ll need to know your exact location to get help. With the Winter Survival Kit you can quickly find your current location, call 911, communicate with family or friends and know how long your car can run without you suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. The app can also help figure out how long you can run the car based on how much gas you have.

Download for Android and iPhone

Red Cross First Aid App

Use the Red Cross First Aid app to download the information you need to survive common emergencies and first aid for injuries. The data is stored on your iPhone or Android, so even if you lose power you can still access important details that could save a life.

Download Red Cross for iPhone or Android

Amazon Fresh & Amazon Pantry

Amazon Fresh allows you to order same day delivery of fresh food and produce if you live in certain areas. Many users cannot use this service, but it did recently expand to New York. You can use the Amazon Fresh App to place an order.

Download Amazon Fresh on iPhone and Android

Amazon Prime Pantry is open to basically anyone with Amazon Prime. It allows you to order pantry items, including food, toilet paper and other items without leaving home. You can even use coupons. Check it out in full online, and then you can also order from the Amazon app.

Download Amazon on iPhone and Android

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