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10 Cool Things the OnePlus 6 Can Do



Cool Gesture Controls

Cool Gesture Controls

In the future, our smartphones won't have any buttons. Instead, you'll control your phone with hand and finger gestures like Tony Stark. Actually, you can do that right now with the OnePlus 6. 

Head to Settings > Buttons > Navigation Bar & Gestures > Nav Gestures > and give it a try. You can enjoy an experience similar to the iPhone X, or somewhat like Android P on the Pixel 2. 

Or, try drawing letters on the screen (even when it's turned off) to instantly launch the camera, open apps, or complete other tasks. It's basically one more way to do things on the phone and do them quickly. Control your music, launch the camera and more. We like how gestures remove the on-screen keys, giving users the entire 6.28-inch screen to enjoy. 

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