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10 Cool Things the OnePlus 6 Can Do



Run Two Apps at Once (Parallel)

Run Two Apps at Once (Parallel)

Did you know you can install, run, and clone apps on the OnePlus 6? Yes, clone apps and run two of the same thing. 

We're talking about two different Facebook accounts and apps, two versions of Twitter, and more. OnePlus limits this to social media apps, for obvious reasons, but it's still a neat and useful feature some will enjoy.

This is to prevent unauthorized usage of certain apps. Not to mention so people don't do things they shouldn't with certain other apps. 

If you have two social media accounts go to Settings > Apps > Parallel Apps and get started. From here you can clone an app, sign in with a second account, and switch between them on the fly just like switching between any other applications. It's pretty powerful and useful. Open the app tray, and you'll even see two of that application.

You're welcome!

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