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Belkin TuneBase Handsfree AUX or CarAudio Connect AUX

Belkin TuneBase Handsfree AUX or CarAudio Connect AUX

This dock for the car connects the DC port on a car and charges the phone. A stereo cable then plugs into the AUX input on most newer cars giving the driver an auxiliary connection between the car and the phone to listen to music or audiobooks while driving.

When a call comes in, the user hears the other person over their car's stereo speakers. They can talk without holding the phone.

The base will swivel to view maps in landscape or watch a video as the driver waits for someone at the store or while picking someone up  after work.

The whole system costs $69.99 direct.

A Bluetooth device without the docking station works better for some cars. The CarAudio Connect AUX with Bluetooth costs $10 more and connects like the TuneBase Handsfree to the car's AUX stereo jack. This one uses Bluetooth instead of sliding the iPhone into the dock via the Lightning connector used on the one above. This make it work with Android phones and tablets.

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