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10 Great Gadget Stocking Stuffers



Gift Cards

Gift Cards

While buying gift cards feels like a copout, many people really love to get them. Think about the recipients on your shopping list and we bet there's a gift card that will fit nearly all of them. Here's list of our favorite Gift Cards.

Apple iTunes - great for anyone with an iPod, iPad or iPhone as well as Mac owners. Get one to go with the Apple TV. They're easy to find in stores and we've often found them at Sam's Club stores for a few dollars off. Otherwise go to Apple.

Google Play - if someone owns an Android tablet or phone, then some Google Play gift cards will help the person buy apps, music, movies, books, magazines or TV shows that work on their device or with the Chromecast. We're starting to see these in stores, but Google sells them direct too.

Amazon - people who own a KIndle of any kind will enjoy an Amazon gift card to get books. Kindle Fire owners will also want them to help buy music, videos or apps. Even folks who don't own any Kindle gadgets, but feel comfortable buying stuff online, will find a gift card useful too since Amazon sells nearly everything. Throw in an annual Amazon Prime account to give someone free shipping and access to the Prime library of video streaming content and a borrowed book each month with a Kindle or Kindle Fire. Like Apple and Google cards, these started showing up in stores awhile ago. However, get them at Amazon for the best customization or direct email delivery.

Xbox Live Subscription - If someone's getting a new Xbox One or owns and older Xbox 360, then they will enjoy an annual or even one to three month subscriptions to Xbox Live. This service lets them connect to play online games, use services like Netflix via Xbox or other online goodies. They come in various lengths like one month, three months and a year. Shop around online for deals for the annual subscription, which often go on sale for well below the $60 or go direct if you don't like to search around.

PlayStation Network - Like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network offers Playstation 3 or Playstation 4 online fun. It's less likely that buyers will find discounts on PSN so get it from the source, Sony.

Best Buy - It's the last of the nationwide big box electronic stores so people who enjoy computers, audio-video equipment, mobile devices, car tech and even appliances can use Best Buy cards. Get them in the store or online for e-delivery.

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