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10 Important iPhone 6s vs. Galaxy S6 Details



iPhone 6s Release Date

iPhone 6s Release Date

If you're weighing the idea of buying the Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6s, you probably want to know when the iPhone 6s is coming out. We do not have the exact date for you just yet but we do have some credible rumors and details that put the iPhone 6s release in a very specific window. Let's start with what we have from Apple.

The iOS 9 release date is confirmed for the fall. New iOS updates always come with new iPhone hardware which means that the iPhone 6s is likely to arrive this fall. 

Reports suggest that Apple is gearing up for production which means that there's a very good chance we'll see the device land in our usual iPhone release window just ahead of the holiday shopping season. There's also a good chance that we could see better stock than usual, something that could tempt you into waiting for it to arrive. 

Nothing is confirmed but it looks like we'll most likely see the device land in a couple of months after several more rounds of rumors. 

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