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10 Important Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Details



Design Changes

Design Changes

Every year, Samsung makes design changes to the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S. We still don't have the full Galaxy Note 5 design picture but we do have some important details thanks to a recent report out of China. 

The report suggests that Samsung will be slimming the Galaxy Note 5 design down to 7.9mm. This is much thinner than the Galaxy Note 4 design which measures 8.5mm. 

The publication also suggests that the Galaxy Note 5 will use a USB Type-C port. If this is true, it would mirror the change that Apple made on its MacBook. USB Type-C allows for data transfers up to 10Gbps. This is double that of the regular USB 3.0 standard and that would be huge for a media-heavy device like the Galaxy Note 5.

It's important to note that the Galaxy Note 5 is still in testing which means that design elements can and probably will change. It's also important to note that Samsung is typically able to keep its Note designs in the shadows ahead of launch.

So while we might get a few important details, we probably won't get the whole picture. Only time will tell.

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