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10 Things to Do Before Installing iOS 12 Beta



Find Fixes for iOS 12 Beta Problems

Find Fixes for iOS 12 Beta Problems

iOS 12 beta is early software and early software is typically plagued with bugs and performance problems. These issues can popup any time, during or after the installation, so you'll want to be ready to face issues head on. 

We highly recommend bookmarking fixes for common iOS beta problems before you download the software onto your device. 

We've put together a running list of fixes for the most common iOS beta problems. Our list of fixes address common installation problems, issues with Wi-Fi connectivity, issues with Bluetooth connectivity, cellular data issues, and more. 

We've also put together an in-depth guide to fixing poor iOS beta performance and a guide that will help you fix bad iOS beta battery life should you come across it during your time on iOS 12 beta. 

We also recommend getting familiar with Apple's Discussion forums. They'll be a great resource if you encounter a bug or performance issue on your phone or tablet.

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