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10 Things to Do Before Installing iOS 14 Beta



Gather Your Login Info

Gather Your Login Info

Before you jump to the beta, make sure you track down all of your login information. Having it ready will make everything go a lot faster. 

First off, you'll need your Apple ID to get started with the installation process. Most of you have this information handy, but if you've forgotten your password, now would be a good time to track that down. 

Once you get iOS 14 beta on board, there's a chance the process will have logged out of some of your apps and services. We've been logged out of first-party and third-party applications in the past. 

If you haven't had to login to your accounts in awhile, you may have forgotten your login info. If you use a ton of apps on your device, tracking down this information could be extremely annoying.

This is especially true if you rely on these apps and services to get through the day. You don't want to waste time doing that so make sure you have all of this ready ahead of time. 

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