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10 Things to Do Before Installing iPadOS 15.3



Gather Feedback About iPadOS 15.3's Performance

Gather Feedback About iPadOS 15.3's Performance

If you're feeling leery about the move to iPadOS 15.3, dig into feedback from early adopters.

There's a decent chance you encounter bugs and/or performance issues on your iPad after moving it to iPadOS 15.3.

Updates like iPadOS 15.3 often hit older iPad models the hardest so if you own an older tablet, and you're concerned, you'll want to hunt for feedback from those who have made the move.

This feedback will alert you to potential bugs and performance problems. You also might learn about potential benefits.

You'll want to poke around on Apple's discussion forums, YouTube, and social media sites like Twitter for feedback from iPadOS 15.3 users.

Some of you might want to wait for long-term feedback to emerge before committing to iPadOS 15.3. And others might even want to wait for Apple to roll out its next batch of bug fixes before making the move.

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