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10 Things to Do Before Installing the macOS Big Sur Beta



Prepare Yourself for macOS Big Sur Problems

Prepare Yourself for macOS Big Sur Problems

There will be macOS Big Sur beta problems, that you will need to fix or live with until the next beta. This is especially true during the first month and the first several betas. Prepare for these by reading up on the known macOS Big Sur issues and by seeing what other users post about on social media. 

Traditionally we see some new features not completely work and we see battery life take a major hit on the beta. The beta is typically not fully optimized and the way apps interact can be an issue. Plan on watching your MacBook Pro battery drain faster than normal. 

You can prepare for these by installing knowing what you may face and by having a solution ready. This may include a backup battery to keep you charged on the go, or getting a car charger.

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