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10 Things to Know About the Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC



Battle Station

Battle Station

The Death Star DLC comes with a new game mode dubbed Battle Station. Again, it features a playable R2-D2

The new game mode features three phases, each coming with a different objective to accomplish. Phase 1 features space battles between X-Wings and A-Wings versus Tie-Fighters and Tie-Interceptors in space. 

The second phase features a ground battle inside the Death Star space station itself. And the third phase takes gamers back into space in a fight to destroy the Death Star. Luke will take to his Red-5 X-wing and Darth Vader will be flying his Tie-Advanced fighter. 

For a better look at the new Battle Station mode, head on over to this rundown of Luke's ship and Darth Vader's enhanced Tie Fighter.

The video below also reveals some key details about the new game mode, R2-D2 and more and it's worth a look if you're curious about the content coming with this DLC. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Timothy Red

    10/12/2016 at 2:57 pm

    How can I get the a PC copy of the death star dlc on amazon? I haven’t seen the PC version, is it there?

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