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10 Weirdest Phone Deaths on Twitter



People destroy and kill their phones in all kinds of crazy ways.

From wing sauce and cranberry juice to cereal, bathtubs and toilets, the phone toting public keeps finding weirder ways to destroy perfectly good phones.

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To promote SquareTrade warranties, the company launched @TechCrushed, a Twitter account dedicated to finding the craziest and weirdest ways phones, laptops and gadgets die and the marks of near deaths.

broken iphone 4 cracked

Broken, but working iPhone 4.

10 Weirdest Phone Deaths on Twitter

After taping my iPhone in 80 layers of bubblewrap I carefully looked through the early finds to discover the weirdest ways people break their phones.

This Phone is Buggy

A Hot Saucy Mess

Calling Cranberry

dead phone

Closing Car Door of Doom

Who’s Alfredo of a Little Sauce?

Cereal Phone Killer

Tub of Tears

Curry Up and Wipe it Off

Toilet iPhone Convert

Dog Pees on Phone, Family Pissed

If you plan to take your phone near water or other dangerous liquids, why not try the Joy Factory BubbleShield or a LifeProof iPhone case.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. jan

    06/05/2012 at 8:20 pm

    this is so fake .___. the last to are bout the same two guys, so he dropped it in the toilet & his dog pissed on it?!? like wtf!

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