17 Reasons Why You'll Love the Samsung Galaxy S6
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17 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Samsung Galaxy S6



Fingerprint Sensor & Samsung Pay

Fingerprint Sensor & Samsung Pay

The Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 both featured fingerprint sensors though both of them were swipe-based rather than touch-based. Neither is on par with Apple's Touch ID fingerprint reader. The Galaxy S6's fingerprint sensor brings Samsung much closer to Apple's industry standard. 

Like the iPhone, the Galaxy S6 comes with a touch-based sensor that allows you to rest your fingerprint on the home button to unlock the phone. You can program a number of fingerprints if you like to use several different fingers to open your phone. 

It's probably the best fingerprint sensor we've used on an Android phone. An impressive turnaround from last year's technology. 

What's more is that Samsung is slated to release its Apple Pay competitor in September (Samsung Pay) and that should make the Galaxy S6's fingerprint sensor even more valuable than it already is. 

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