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2 Reasons to Buy Battlefield 5 & 6 Reasons to Wait



Buy If You Enjoy Objective Based Games

Buy If You Enjoy Objective Based Games

If you love playing games with a group of friends, Battlefield 5 is an excellent option. 

If you're unfamiliar with the Battlefield series, its game modes are mostly based on objective based combat where you, your squad, and the rest of your team must complete certain objectives to win. 

Battlefield 5 comes with several thrilling game modes where teamwork is the key to victory. Frontlines, the popular tug-of-war game mode from Battlefield 1, makes its return in EA's latest title. It's a combination of Conquest, Rush, and Obliteration mode from Battlefield 4. 

There's also Breakthrough which is Battlefield 5's take on Battlefield 1's Operations mode (our favorite) where the map is divided up into sectors with one team on offense and one team on defense. The attacking team must capture each sector in a sequential order by controlling each sector's capture points.

Battlefield 5 also brings a new mode called Grand Operations, a fight that lasts over three in-operation days or about an hour (or more) of actual game time. It's our favorite mode thus far and it's especially thrilling if you're playing with teammates using coordination. 

Lone wolves can still have fun playing Battlefield 5, there's a team deathmatch mode if you're into that, but Battlefield 5 is at its best when you're playing in a squad. 

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1 Comment

  1. Jon

    11/23/2018 at 6:00 pm

    Just to let you know there is a spacing typo for the requirements section. It threw me off there for a second. Happy Holidays and thanks for the article!

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