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2 Reasons to Pre-Order PGA Tour 2K21 & 3 Reasons to Wait



Wait for PGA Tour 2K21 Reviews

Wait for PGA Tour 2K21 Reviews

PGA Tour 2K21 looks like it could be a solid follow-up to The Golf Club 2019, but we won't know for sure until August. 

If you've gone through all of the current information about the game and you aren't sure about a pre-order, you should wait for official reviews. Some of you might even want to wait beyond the release date for long-term reviews. 

We expect the first batch of full length reviews from critics, and others, to emerge in and around the game's release date in mid-August.

Reviews, from fans of the series, newcomers, and critics could help you decide if you want to buy the game or wait for a price drop. 

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