3 Reasons to Pre-Order PUBG PS4 & 3 Reasons to Wait
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3 Reasons to Pre-Order PUBG PS4 & 3 Reasons to Wait



Pre-Order for Bonuses

Pre-Order for Bonuses

Another great reason to pre-order PUBG is for the pre-order bonuses you get with each edition of the game

No matter which option you choose, you'll get some pre-order bonus items, some of which you can use in-game. 

If you pre-order you'll get The Unknown Avatar and a Miramar (one of the game's maps) theme for your PlayStation. 

On top of that, you'll also receive two PlayStation-exclusive skins: Nathan Drake Desert Outfit from the Uncharted series and Ellie's Backpack from The Last of Us series.

For the moment, it looks like the only way to get these will be via a pre-order. It's unclear if you'll be able to buy them once the game comes out. 

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