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2 Reasons to Pre-Order the 2020 iPad Pro & 4 Reasons to Wait



Wait for iPad Pro Reviews

Wait for iPad Pro Reviews

The 2020 iPad Pros looks like solid replacements for the 2018 models, but we won't know for sure until they're reviewed. 

2020 iPad Pro reviews probably won't go live this week which puts a bit of pressure on those of you struggling with the decision to buy now or wait. 

You can expect the first iPad Pro reviews to arrive next week around the release date, but those reviews will likely be based on a few days of use rather than extended use. 

Some of you might want to wait for long-term feedback about the new iPad Pros to emerge before committing $799 or more.

The reviews might be good, but there's always a chance the device is too expensive for your needs. Many of you might be better off going with another cheaper model like the 2018 iPad Pros, iPad mini 5, 2019 iPad Air, or 10.2-inch iPad.

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