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2015 Google I/O Live Stream: 3 Things Viewers Need to Know



This is what you need to know to watch a 2015 Google I/O live stream where we may see Google announce a new Nexus 2015 smartphone, Android M and other details about the future of Android and Google services.

Although Android M and a new Nexus 2015 garner most of the attention there is also hope that Google will share more on the Chromecast, ventures into the world of Virtual Reality, Android Wear updates and a healthy focus on ChromeOS and Chromebooks.

Google will announce many things during the two-hour Google I/O live stream that kicks off the annual developer event.

What you need to know about the 2015 Google I/O live stream.

What you need to know about the 2015 Google I/O live stream.

Here are the important details about the 2015 Google I/O live stream and other options to watch, like extended I/O events in major cities.

2015 Google I/O Live Stream

There is an official 2015 Google I/O live stream for the Keynote that makes it easy to watch what Google announces from your home, office or wherever you find yourself.

There are three ways to watch the official Google I/O keynote live. The first is to watch the 2015 Google I/O live stream video above.

You can go to the Google I/O 15 webpage to see the Keynote as it happens. The other option is to use the Google I/O Android app to see the schedule and watch the Google I/O Keynote live stream.

While there is no iPhone app, you can watch the live stream on your Mac computer and you can try to watch on an iPhone or iPad which will likely work in the browser.

Google I/O Live Stream Start Time

The Google I/O live stream starts at 9 Am Pacific, 12 PM Eastern and should last two hours.

Don’t be surprised if the live stream lags slightly behind this time as a slow start is common at an event of this size. This is not the only event that Google will live stream from the event.

Other Google I/O 2015 Live Stream Options

If you re a developer that could not make it to the Google I/O 2015 event in person, you should check to see if there is an I/O Extended event near you. There are over 450 events in 91 countries that make it possible to watch Google I/O live and do so with other developers and fans of the devices and services you are interested in.

You can use this tool to look for the Google I/0 2015 extended events near you.

Another handy option if you are watching remotely is to send a request to Google about announcements at the show. You need to make a public tweet or Google+ post with the hashtag #io15request in English, German or French. Googlers will look for the information during May 28th and May 29th and help you find the information you need.

Android M is expected to make an appearance in the Google I/O keynote.

Android M is expected to make an appearance in the Google I/O keynote.

The Android M release is a big part of what we expect from Google I/O 2015. It is very likely that Google will announce the Android M release at this event. We expect an Android M beta for many devices before the public release. An Android M developer preview could arrive soon after the announcement. As for a full Android M release, don’t look for anything official until this fall when it may come to Nexus devices.

Android vs iPhone: 14 Reasons Android is Still Better

More Choice with Android

More Choice with Android

Apple offers more choice than we've seen from them before with the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone SE as well as older models -- but you still only have three screen sizes and two designs to pick from. 

Android delivers more options with waterproof phones, different screen sizes, more colors, different materials and other differentiating factors. 

With Android smartphones users can choose a waterproof option like the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge or go with a modular design like the LG G5. 2017 brings newer designs and options.

There is also support for a huge screen with a built-in stylus with the Note 6. In addition to these big names, there are many other options from Motorola, Huawei and if you include last year's releases a number of other interesting options. 

There are also options to buy an Android phone with wireless charging or a replaceable battery, neither of which is available without adding a case to the iPhone.

Users can pick the phone size and design they want, and they can also pick a phone that offers a replaceable battery, a great camera or another feature without limiting to just two phones for the latest features and user experience.

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