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2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Review



The 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is not the Eclipse you may remember, but it is a tempting crossover that checks all the right boxes to compete with the established players in the crowded crossover space. It’s not as refined as  Mazda CX-5 or the Honda CR-V, but does deliver a nice interior, comfortable ride, tech options like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as some great driver convenience and safety options.

Is the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross a Good Crossover?

Yes, the 2019 Eclipse Cross is a good crossover, and some of the features are great. The overall experience of driving and riding in it doesn’t rise to the same level as the Mazda CX-5 which is our current favorite in this segment. It’s certainly a capable crossover that is priced right and I enjoyed the plethora of technology and convenience features Mitsubishi includes, but it isn’t as fun to drive as the CX-5 and while the interior is nice it isn’t up to the same level as you’ll find from Mazda or Honda.

What’s New for 2019? Originally introduced in 2018, the new Eclipse Cross doesn’t come with many changes. When configuring, you can now add roof rails to any of the trim levels and there are now gloss black window controls on the LE trim.


2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross & Which I Would Buy

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SE is the best value.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SE is the best value.

With a starting price of $23,595, the 2019 Eclipse Cross starts cheaper than the CX-5 and the CR-V that it is going up against by about $600. The top of the line trim starts at $28,195, which is well below the higher end trims from Mazda and Honda, but you can option it up up to $32,310 with the Touring Package, Pearl White paint tonneau cover and carpeted floor mats that our 2019 Eclipse Cross SEL came with. Pricing breaks down as;

  • ES – $23,595 with FWD, $24,195 with S-AWC
  • LE – $25,195 with S-AWC
  • SE – $26,695 with S-AWC
  • SEL – $28,195 with S-AWC

There are a number of available packages including Towing, All Weather, Touring and others that can bump up the price. The destination fee is $995 on our review loaner.

While I like the Eclipse Cross SEL I tested, the SE trim level offers the best overall value for most buyers. It includes the all wheel drive that handles well in snow as well as heated front seats and dual zone climate control that are a must have in cold climates. It also includes automatic lights and the thinner display for the infotainment system.

Driving the 2019 Eclipse Cross

The 2019 Eclipse Cross handles snow with ease thanks to S-AWC.

The 2019 Eclipse Cross handles snow with ease thanks to S-AWC.

I was fortunate enough to test the Eclipse Cross in a range of driving conditions including snow covered roads when the plows couldn’t keep up. This is where the Super All Wheel Control came in handy. With decent ride height and the all wheel drive I was able to drive around when front wheel drive vehicles and cars had issues. It’s a must have feature for many drivers in snowy climates who can’t take a snow day even when the roads are bad. I felt in control and the system did a very good job.

On one of the nicer days I took the Eclipse Cross on a curvy drive along the river. It’s a drive I went out of my way to take when I had the CX-5 for a week, but not one I would spend the extra time taking in the Eclipse Cross. The Eclipse handles well, but there is a decent amount of body roll. That’s the feeling of the vehicle leaning to a side when you take a corner at speed. The 152 horsepower 1.5L turbo engine did a good job of providing enough power to feel peppy and to quickly merge into traffic on the highway. This crossover features a CVT (continuously variable transmission), which offers up power smoothly and reliably, and does so with relatively little engine noise in the cabin.

Ultimately this is a crossover that is designed around a comfortable driving experience and that pays off with the suspension absorbing rough roads. If you’re looking for a sporty crossover, check out the CX-5, but if you prefer comfort, enough power and a good driving experience overall the 2019 Eclipse Cross is a good choice.

The 2019 Eclipse Cross is rated at 25 MPG combined, with 25 MPG city and 26 MPG highway with S-AWC. That’s in line with our real world testing.

2019 Eclipse Cross Technology & Safety

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are on board.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are on board.

Mitsubishi includes a 7-inch touch screen standard in the Eclipse Cross line, and on the higher trim levels you get a thinner style with an additional touchpad that you can use, but don’t have to use, for controlling the system. The Mitsubishi infotainment system is intuitive and responsive. It is nice that you don’t need to use the touchpad, and can reach up to the touch screen, which I find more intuitive.

There is no built-in navigation option, but you get Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, which is an arguably better option for any trip where you need to rely on navigation. With both systems you can choose from an array of mapping software including Google Maps or Waze, which are constantly updated, include traffic info and make planning a trip before you get into the car super simple. They are also all free to use and you simply need to plug your phone in to start using these systems.

With CarPlay or Android Auto you also get voice control of your phone, full access to messages and phone calls as well as access to a number of music and audiobook apps. I primarily used Apple CarPlay in the Eclipse Cross.

Included on the SE and SEL Mitsubishi Connect lets you perform car control features from your smartphone. This includes remote start, lock and unlock and controlling the horn and lights. You can also use the app or the website to customize some of the in car features which is pretty cool. When the app worked it was a great way to make sure the Eclipse Cross was nice and warm before I left home, but it wasn’t always reliable. About half the time I tried using the app for remote control it failed with no clear indication why. Even though it is included free for two years, that’s too many errors for a service that should start and unlock your car every time.

The 710W Rockford Fosgate sound system that is part of the touring package is good, but not astounding. I was easily able to stream music over Bluetooth and make calls easily thanks to little road noise.

From a safety and convenience standpoint the 2019 Eclipse Cross includes Blind Spot Warning with Lane Change Assist and Rear Cross Traffic Alert on the SE and above. This means a small light will tell you if a vehicle is in your blind spot, and if you put your turn signal on when a car is in the blind spot or approaching it, you will hear a beep to let you know it isn’t safe to switch lanes. Rear Cross Traffic Alert lets you know if someone is crossing behind you while backing out of a parking spot. I found this set of features to be very helpful due to the limited visibility out the rear of the Eclipse Cross and recommend picking the SE trim or higher so that you have these options.

On the SEL with touring package you can also get Forward Collision Mitigation, Lane Departure Warning, Automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control. These are all handy features, but the Forward Collision Mitigation (FCM) and Adaptive Cruise are my favorites. With FCM the vehicle uses a camera and a laser to detect a potential collision, notifying the driver with a beep and if needed automatically braking the car. Adaptive Cruise allows you to set a cruising speed, choose how much distance to keep in between your car and the car in front and then the car will automatically slow down or speed up to keep within traffic, while never going over your set speed.

2019 Eclipse Cross Interior & Design

Sporty looks and an angular design keep the Eclipse Cross looking good.

Sporty looks and an angular design keep the Eclipse Cross looking good.

The Eclipse Cross is a five passenger crossover with decent cargo capacity and so-so storage in the passenger area. If you are looking for more room the Mitsubishi Outlander holds 7 passengers and adds in more room.

Seating is comfortable in the front and rear and the back seat passengers can get a little more room thanks to the sliding backseat that also reclines. Plan on four adults or two adults and three young teens or kids.

On the SEL trim there are a lot of soft touch materials in the cabin.

On the SEL trim there are a lot of soft touch materials in the cabin.

The build quality throughout the interior is on par with the competition. While there are a lot of hard plastics on the dash and center console Mitsubishi does use a decent amount of soft touch materials throughout the cabin and leather on the higher end trim levels.

Cargo space is good and the optional cover for the cargo area is a handy addition. We fit four carry on suitcases in the rear with room to spare. The rear seats fold down to open up cargo opportunities greatly. The seats fold down easily and come back up to sitting position quite easily.


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