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2020 Amazon Fire HD 8 Deals: $30 Off Almost Every Model



Save $30 on the 2020 Amazon Fire HD 8 and Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus models at Amazon today only. This is a stellar deal on a new tablet that starts at $59.99 and tops out at $109.99 for the top of the line model. You can even save $30 on the Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition that comes with a special case and a 2-year worry-free guarantee.

These all come with Special Offers, which means that you see ads on the lock screen, but it is hard to beat these discounts on a new tablet. These are new for 2020 with upgraded features, longer battery life, and more power.

The Amazon Fire HD 8 starts at $59.99 and is well equipped with an 8-inch HD display, 2GB of RAM plus microSD expandable storage. It charges with USB C and is available in 32GB or 64GB,

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If you want a faster tablet, the Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus includes more RAM so it should feel snappier when using resource-intense apps and it also includes wireless charging support.

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The Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition includes a kid-ready case with a kickstand and you get a 2-year replacement program that covers accidental damage, so you don’t need to worry about your kid dropping it and breaking it.

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These Amazon Fire HD 8 deals expire at the end of the day, so if you are interested in a new model, you should check out today. This is a solid set of tablet options and many of these arrive as soon as tomorrow.

5 Reasons to Buy the 2020 Amazon Fire HD 8 & 2 Reasons Not To

For a Great Way to Watch and Play

For a Great Way to Watch and Play
$89.99 from Amazon

The 2020 Amazon Fire HD 8 and HD 8 Plus are both great tablets for consuming content. If you need a new tablet with Amazon Video, Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services, this is an excellent option. 

In addition to streaming videos, you can use these tablets to listen to music on Spotify, Amazon Music, and other services. It's an affordable and excellent multimedia tablet that you can use to entertain yourself. 

It's an excellent eBook reading solution with the Kindle app and it is handy for listening to audiobooks on with Audible. 

There are tons of streaming services, and you can also download many popular games to play on the tablet. It's an excellent option for keeping yourself or a kid entertained. There is even a special Kid's Edition with a protective case and special accidents included warranty

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