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4 Reasons Not to Pre-Order the 2018 iPad Pro & 3 Reasons You Should



Apple’s 2018 iPad Pros are exciting additions to the company’s tablet lineup and many of you should think about putting in a pre-order. That said, many others would be wise to skip the pre-order period and wait a few weeks before committing to a new slate.

The company’s launched two brand new iPad Pro models, 11-inches and 12.9-inches, and the two devices are set to arrive alongside in early November after a short pre-order period.

The iPad Pro release date is set for November 7th, the same date as Apple’s new MacBook Air, but Apple and its partners will let you to buy one before that.

2018 iPad Pro pre-orders kickoff today through the Apple Store, carrier websites, and various retailers. If you really want a specific iPad Pro model you might want to stay up late, or wake up early, and put in your order when pre-orders go live.

The 2018 iPad Pros represent the biggest change to Apple’s iPad line in years. The two devices come with all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from the Pro line in 2018 (upgraded cameras, processors), but the new iPad Pros also come with a new design with Face ID and beautiful displays, and support for the new Apple Pencil.

They immediately take the reins as Apple’s flagship iPad and they’re likely going to tempt those who want a portable workstation with stylus support. Of course, all of these upgrades come at a steep cost.

Apple’s 11-inch iPad Pro starts at $799. The larger model, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, starts at $999. Pre-ordering a $800+ gadget you haven’t touched is a difficult pill to swallow and many of you will want to wait a few more weeks before committing to a new iPad Pro.

That said, there are also some great reasons to think about pre-ordering a new iPad Pro today or sometime during the pre-order window.

In this guide we’ll walk you through a few reasons why you might want to go ahead with a pre-order and a few reasons why you might want to hold off.

Pre-Order If You Want a New iPad Pro ASAP

Pre-Order If You Want a New iPad Pro ASAP

If you already know you want a new iPad Pro and you want it as soon as possible you'll want to pre-order in the near future. 

This isn't the new iPhone we're talking about here, but there's still a chance some iPad models sell out in the hours after pre-orders start. 

It might not be a complete sell out, but don't be surprised if some models see their shipping times pushed into late November during the pre-order period. 

If you're in desperate need of a new powerful tablet, it might be a good idea to put in a pre-order and get a guaranteed delivery on November 7th.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jazz1

    10/30/2018 at 7:16 pm

    Good advice! It is too easy to get excited and not do your “homework”. Thanks!

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