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3 Reasons to Pre-Order Spider-Man 2 & 3 Reasons to Wait



The Spider-Man 2 release date is getting closer. And while there are some great reasons to pre-order a copy of the copy of the game, there are also some reasons why you might want to put your wallet away and wait.

Spider-Man 2 is Insomniac Games’ next entry in the Spider-Man series and it’s headed to PlayStation 5 in October. October 20th to be exact.

The game is exclusive to Sony’s PS5. We won’t see a release on PS4 though we could see the game come to Windows PC’s down the road.

There are three Spider-Man 2 editions. There’s a standard version that serves as the cheapest way to access the game, a Digital Deluxe edition with some additional extras, and a Collector’s edition that’s aimed at hardcore Spider-Man fans.

With the release date just weeks away, you might be thinking about buying a copy for your PS5.

If you were a huge fan of the first game, this is probably a no-brainer. That being said, if you’re struggling with the decision, you’re in the right place.

In this guide we’ll take you through the best reasons to pre-order Spider-Man 2 and the best reasons to hang back and wait. Some of you may even want to wait until after the game’s release date to grab a copy.

Pre-Order for These Bonuses

Pre-Order for These Bonuses

In what should come as a surprise to no one, Insomniac and Sony are throwing in some pre-order bonuses to sweeten the deal.

The pre-order bonuses come with all three versions of the game and they're all in-game bonuses. Here's what you get if you buy a copy of Spider-Man 2 before its release date:

  • Early unlock Arachknight Suit for Peter with 3 additional color variants
  • Early unlock Shadow Spider Suit for Miles with 3 additional color variants
  • Early unlock Web Grabber gadget
  • 3 skill points

The skill points in particular are a nice addition because they will give you a little bit of a head start as you progress through the game.

If you're fairly certain you plan to play, and beat, the game, you might want to put in a pre-order.

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