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$4 TIDAL Deal is Too Good to Pass Up



Music is an important escape and while we are socially distancing and isolating it can be a glue that binds us together or helps us hold ourselves together. With the latest TIDAL deal you can get four months of TIDAL Premium or TIDAL HiFi for $4 — total, not per month.

I’ve been using TIDAL HiFi as my main music streaming service for several months, switching over from Spotify. With the HiFi option, I can listen to my music at better quality than on Spotify and even listen to it at the Master quality for many albums.

While I am not an audiophile, I appreciate the great sound and I notice a difference in the quality when listening to my desktop speakers, on decent headphones, and especially when I am testing out cars with high-end audio systems.

Get four months of TIDAL for $4 with this limited-time deal.

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If you want to experience higher quality sound for more than a 30-day trial, this TIDAL deal is one you can’t pass up. You can choose TIDAL Premium or TIDAL HiFi. I recommend trying the HiFi option since it is the same price and offers better sound quality. You can switch plans after the four months if you decide that Premium is a better value for you.

This is a limited-time promotion that is available through this link. You can choose which version of TIDAL you want. When the four months are over TIDAL will continue at the standard rate. At that point, you can get the TIDAL student, military, or first responder discounts.

If you are switching from Spotify or another service it is very easy to transfer your playlists to TIDAL for free after you sign up. We have a look at how Spotify and TIDAL compare, plus how TIDAL and Amazon Music HD stack up, and what you need to know about Apple Music vs TIDAL. Still want to learn more, here’s a look at what you need to know about TIDAL.

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