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Tidal HiFi vs Amazon Music HD: 5 Things You Need to Know



Amazon Music HD and Tidal HiFi are the go-to music streaming services for audiophiles and people that care about how their music sounds. Both services outclass Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music and other services in the quality department with higher bitrate options.

If you have a discerning ear and good equipment to listen on, you’re likely going to choose Amazon Music HD or Tidal for your streaming service.

Ultimately you will need to choose one, which is what we will help you do, but you can sign up for a free trial of both options so that you can make the ultimate call.

Try Amazon Music HD Free for 30 Days

Try Tidal Free for 30 Days

Each service offers a no risk-free trial, so you are able to compare the two with your own ears. Cancel within the trial period and you won’t pay anything.

Tidal HiFi vs Amazon Music HD

How do Tidal HiFi and Amazon Music HD compare?

This guide is focusing on the higher quality, and more expensive, plans that Amazon and Tidal offer. There is Tidal HiFi, which compares to Amazon Music HD and Amazon Music Ultra HD.

$4 for 4 Months of TIDAL

The base plans offered by each of the services only offer up to 320kbps bitrate, but they are more affordable with prices as low as $1 for Amazon Music and as low as $5 a month for Tidal if you qualify for special pricing.

Tidal HiFi
Amazon Music HD
Audio Quality 1411 kbps for Tidal HiFi, 2,304-16,934 kbps (master/studio quality, up to 24 bit, 352.8 kHz) MQA tracks
850 kbps for HD, 3730  max for Ultra HD
Number of Songs More than 60 Million HiFi, 200,000+ tracks in MQA
More than 50 Million in HD, Millions in Ultra HD
Mobile Apps iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android
iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android
Web Player Yes
Smart Speakers Alexa, Google Assistant and more.
Alexa, Google Assistant for Play/Pause
Desktop Apps Windows and Mac
Windows and Mac
Podcasts Yes No
Music Videos Yes No
Exclusive Tickets & Music Yes No

Tidal offers more music at higher quality, but Amazon Music HD is cheaper for most individuals. The Masters Quality Authenticated audio should offer the best sound quality on the included tracks, but Amazon Music Ultra HD offers a wider range of tracks at higher than Tidal HiFi quality.

You can check out the full list of the smart devices and HiFi systems that Tidal Supports on their site, and you can also use AirPlay and Chromecast. With any of these services, you will hear the higher quality audio better with good headphones. Here’s a nice option that is under $50.

Tidal HiFi vs Amazon Music HD Prices & Discounts

How much does Amazon Music HD cost?

Amazon and Tidal both offer a range of pricing and you can save with Prime, as a student, a first responder or military member. Here’s a breakdown of the HiFi vs HD prices and plans. Amazon Music Ultra HD is included with HD.

Price Per Month Tidal HiFi
Amazon Music HD
Free Trial 30 Days 30 Days
Standard Plan $19.99
$14.99 ($12.99 with Prime)
Family Plan $30 $17.99
Student Plan $10 NA
Military Plan $12 NA
First Responder Plan $12 NA

Tidal offers a wider array of discounts based on who you are and what you do, but if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber ($119 a year) you save on Amazon Music HD and Ultra HD.

Apps, Devices & Experiences

When it comes to listening, you can use Amazon Music HD and Tidal HiFi on iPhone, Android, the web, desktop and the Apple TV.

For smart speakers, Amazon Music HD works best on the Echo products, specifically the Echo Studio if you want to hear the higher quality sound. You can use Amazon Music HD on Google devices, but the integration is limited.

Tidal HiFi works on Google, Nest, Sonos and Echo devices with deep integration into each of the speakers. If you use smart speakers outside of the Echo lineup, you may want to pick Tidal HiFi.

Amazon includes lyrics in the app for songs on Music HD, while Tidal does not offer in-app lyrics.

Tidal does stand out with exclusive music, music videos and access to special concerts as well as other artist access that isn’t available on Amazon Music HD. Explore those options with a free trial to see if they are worth the price.

Does Amazon Music HD or Tidal Sound Better?

Does Tidal HiFi sound better than Amazon Music HD?

Perhaps even more important than where you can play it and how much it costs, is what sounds better, Amazon Music HD or Tidal HiFi?

Opinions are split, and it comes down to your preferences. Most listeners feel that Tidal HiFi sounds warmer while Amazon Music HD has a better sense of space.

This reddit thread is a great place to compare experiences from real-world users. Here is another comparison thread that you can check out.

The best way to figure out if Amazon Music HD or Tidal sounds better is to do a free trial of each and listen on your equipment.

Which Should You Subscribe To?

Amazon Music HD is the best value if you are an Amazon Prime member and you use Echo devices for your smart speakers. Get a free Amazon Music HD trial

Tidal HiFi is the best option if you prefer the warmer sound profile, enjoy using other smart speakers and especially if you qualify for the numerous discounts. Get a free Tidal HiFi trial.

Try both out and see which one you like. If you want to skip the 30-day Tidal HiFi trial, you can pay $5 for 5 months of Tidal HiFi to see what all the fuss is about.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Swakyaby

    09/24/2021 at 12:47 pm

    Now that I’ve upgraded my home theater speakers, I’m looking for a high res audio streaming service. Currently on my first few days of Tidal’s HiFi trial period and I’m very pleased with what I see and hear. The artists I have looked into have deluxe editions, collector editions, and master audio versions. It’s obvious that real enthusiasts have curated these special collections. My favorite artists have never sounded better. I will also trial Amazon Unlimited HD and Apple Music. My only wish for Tidal is that I wish their subscription price for the high def version were more competitive with the subscription prices of Amazon HD/Ultra HD or Apple Music. It’s $20/month vs $10/month as of Sept 2021. Since my cell phone data plan is limited, I do appreciate that I can download high res audio on Tidal for offline listening when I go for my morning walks. Liking this service so far.

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