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5 Amazing and Unique Android Apps





Out of this entire list Tasker is probably the most well-known application for Android. Tasker simply automates almost everything on a smartphone, making it smarter than ever before.

Leave your house, WiFi turns off, get to work, it turns back on. Everything from WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth settings, password or pin-codes, volume levels, silent mode and more can all be customized by situation, location, time of day and more. Essentially it lets you setup automated tasks where the app does everything for users, so we don't have to mess with our phones.

There are shortcuts, timers, notifications, automated controls and more than 200+ different plug-ins for anything you can imagine. It's one of the most popular apps of its kind, but still something millions of people have never tried. We'd highly suggest looking into Tasker to help control your phone for you.

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