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Smart Phone Lock

Smart Phone Lock

These days most Android users have a password, pin, or fingerprint to unlock their Android device, but we have a better method. Well, maybe not better, but certainly different.

It's called "Smart Phone Lock" and this app will always change your smartphone unlock pin throughout the day, to something you'll know. It uses the time on the phone 1:45PM as 0145, or 11:00 in the morning at 1100. Whatever time it is, will be the pin. Users can customize this to certain times of the day, change it to the date, and other options.

While this is great as the pin will always change, so someone can't see you put it in, learn your code, and access the device, there is some small level of security risk here. Simply that if anyone knows about this app, they could try the time or date as the pin code to access your device.

The code changes every single minute, and can even be offset backwards or forwards for added security. So if the time is 12:45 and you have a +10 offset, your pincode to unlock the phone would be 1255. 10 minutes past the current time.

Essentially allowing for an ever-changing secure lockscreen pin you won't have to remember. Neat, right. Give it a try today.

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