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5 Amazing and Unique Android Apps



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Smart IR Remote

Smart IR Remote

There are countless apps on the Google Play Store that turn our devices into a remote control, and even a few for iPhone that can control a few hundred different devices.

However, if you have the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Note 4, any of LG's latest phones and tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, the HTC One M8 and M9 or countless other Android phones and tablets with an Infrared sensor, you'll want this app.

Smart IR Remote works with well over 900,000 different devices, all automatically.

It's the only universal remote for any and all Android devices. It can control over 900,000 devices. From TV's, washing machines, select LG air conditioners, Nest Thermostat and countless other things. Most will use it to control their TV and entire living room, but it does a lot more than just that. It isn't free though, and costs $6.99, but is totally worth it.

You can even control a DSLR camera, DVD players and more. The list is way too long to go over, but more than likely it works with your device. And, if you don't have an Android device with an IR sensor, Anymote does a similar set of features over WiFi.

It's hands down the most powerful and customizable remote control available on Android, and we'd highly recommend it.

Download - Smart IR Remote

5 / 5


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