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5 Awesome NVIDIA Shield TV Tips and Tricks You Can Do



We love the NVIDIA Shield TV because it’s a powerful 4K video streaming device, gaming console and entertainment system. It’s not the cheapest set-top streaming box, but it supports streaming of high-end games from GEFORCE NOW gaming service or from a computer with a recent GEFORCE GTX graphics card. Here’s our list of 5 awesome NVIDIA Shield TV tips and tricks you should try with your NVIDIA Shield TV.

Stream Games from Your Computer

To stream games from your computer to the NVIDIA Shield TV, you’ll need a few things. You’ll need the right graphics card on your PC and to have GeForce Experience software installed on your PC. Also, load the app on your NVIDIA Shield TV. We’ll take you through the steps below.

  • Install the GeForce Experience software on your PC and log in (you may need to set up an account).
  • Go to Settings in the software and then Shield and Enable GameStream.
  • Open the NVIDIA Games app on the Shield TV and go into My Library.
  • Choose Set up GameStream and then log in with the account used in on the GeForce Experience software on your computer.
  • Go back to My Library on the Shield TV and choose GameStream.
  • Find a game and open it to play.

Set Up Kodi on NVIDIA Shield TV

Kodi offers a media center app that lets users play content from multiple sources. You can play media on the USB drive connected to the port on the Shield TV or on a server on your local network. It’s called a 10-foot User Interface because it looks great from 10 feet away, like in a living room.


The Shield TV makes a great Kodi Player.

The NVIDIA Shield TV makes a great Kodi box because it plays 4K and comes with a built-in local USB storage port to play our content.

First, you need to install the Kodi app from the Play Store on the Shield TV. Then open Kodi on the box. Along the left you’ll see the sources for content to play or stream on your TV. Select one to browse through your collection of media files.

You can also add more content using Add-ons. Go to the Add-ons section where you’ll find installed Add-ons. To get them installed, you’ll need to go into the Kodi settings and change a few things. Find the full details on how to add content using the Android version of Kodi at the Kodi official Wiki.

Why would you want to use Kodi instead of the built-in file browser? You can watch content from sources not available natively on Shield TV like streaming video services from around the world. There’s a huge library of Add-ons available, but it takes some work to get things working properly.

Set Up NVIDIA Shield TV as Plex Server

Like Kodi, Plex gives users access to media to watch. However, the Plex Server turns the NVIDIA Shield TV into a simple Plex Server. That means you can store all of your media on a USB drive plugged into the Shield TV. The Plex app then serves this content connected to the Shield TV through the Internet to your tablet, phone, other set-top streaming boxes and more.

plex media server setup complete on nvidia shield tv

We’ve already written a guide for setting up the Shield TV as a Plex Server. Follow that guide to set it up and then use your content connected to the Shield TV via the USB port.

Search Google for Facts, Weather and Trivia

The NVIDIA Shield TV comes with voice search capability and will soon add the Google Assistant. This turns your Shield TV into a great tool for searching the web for all kinds of data. You can search for almost anything that Google searches for, like local weather, movie times, sports scores or schedules and more.

Use the Shield TV remote or game controller. We showed you how in our helpful how to article.




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